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    I'm just finishing up a 30 review of Datebook 4. I do like the program a lot and was about to purchase when I found an offer for a brand new version (4.5 (and I assume a new release)) of Action Names.

    I'm planning on playing around with Action for a few weeks to do a comparison, but, was wondering if anyone out there has thoughts / review of the new Action software and how it compares with DateBook4?
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    yes there's a new version of AN on its way (version 4.55). Not too sure of its release date, after releasing a beta Iambic have gone quiet on the subject recently.

    It is however only a maintenance release and lacks any new features that I know of. It does seem to have some long awaited bug fixes:
    • Global Find Support (hurrah!)
    • Correct date logged in contact for todos and calls
    Does anyone know of anymore or have any news from Iambic re a public release?
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    I use Datebk4 and love it. There is a reason Handspring licenced Datebook3 for their + version. It's good. Plus the support is the best you can find. CESD does and excellent job.
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    I have used Action Names for about a year now. Your decision should be based on your needs, but as far as I am concerned, AN does a better job all around.
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