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    I'm a a new Treo user (650). My new company uses Goodlink, which I've been very impressed with thus far. However, I'm having difficulty making tasks do what I want it to.

    First, I'd like to categorize my tasks. Flipping through past posts, I saw one from 2005 in which GoodGuy said you just can't use categories in Goodlink. Is that still the case? If so, then I'm going to want to go back to Palm's task application (or another 3d party app (outliner or mindmapper maybe?)...suggestions welcome) and just sync up when I'm at work. If I do that, can I/should I turn off tasks in Goodlink? I don't know if keeping it running would eat up memory or cause duplicate tasks or some other problem.

    Second, is there a way to hide (or filter) completed tasks in Goodlink? I guess this question may be moot depending on the answer to the above, but if I continue to use Goodlink for tasks, I don't want it cluttered up with completed tasks. At the same time, I want to store my completed tasks in Outlook so I can go back and track what I've done.

    Thanks for any answers/suggestions you may have.
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    We still do not support task categories, though it is on the roadmap and my guess is early next year, though I haven't heard anything official.

    You can't "turn off" Good tasks nor hide or filter completed tasks. I know we are looking at changes to the way Good handles certain aspects of Outlook/Exchange, but I have not seen an official roadmap as to how or what.
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    Thanks for the reply GoodGuy. Glad to hear this is something on Good's radar, as the usefulness of tasks is seriously diminished by the current setup.

    To you other Treo users out there, I'm thinking about getting Bonsai to manage my tasks. Any thoughts on Bonsai or other similar outlining/todo software out there?
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    I like Bonsai especially when used with the desktop for synching (saves my thumbs...). You can tie your outlines with the native Palm task and calendar databases, not GoodLink's. It's up to you if you want to maintain two lists.
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    I used Bonsai for years, it is a fantastic task/to do/project planner. The developer is very responsive & their site has a great forum. It has always been very stable and flexible.
    Brian J. Herskovitz

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