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    On the New Zealand page for the Treo650 support/firmware updater it says to check whether or not you need the upgrade do the following :

    # On the Phone Info screen, look for the Software item. If both of the following are true, you need this update:

    * The version number is lower than 1.20. If it says 1.20, your smartphone is already updated.
    * The end of the string says LAP.

    Note how it says if both of the conditions are met... well my software number is Treo650-1.04-CDMA

    ..... so I can't upgrade?
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    The Palm New Zealand page you are looking at is for "unloicked GSM" phones only. You have a carrier-specific CDMA phone so you should go to your carrier's web site and see what is available. (I had not known CDMA was used in NZ, but apparently it is.)
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    The latest 650 firmware is MUCH better than the old ones. It manages dbcache, which is what every program needs some of in order to run in ram. No dbcache = crash. No such problem in the latest firmware.

    I'd look into the appropriate updater for your phone and go for it.
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    Thanks. There is nothing on the Telecom website at all (surprise surprise).

    I have emailed them for clarification, not expecting a reply to be honest.

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