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    Quote Originally Posted by MilenkoD View Post
    [throwing salt in wound]...if you did a search in the 700p forum, you will find that this exact subject has been discussed a few months ago. I remember asking about Rev.A and the 700p. For the record...the 700p is NOT Rev. A upgradable
    Sir, I did not start this thread. Moreover, it is not my responsibility to search for prior postinings in order to find an answer to somebody's question--especially in some other forum, for if that were the case, I simply would not post, period. If you wish to be helpful, then by all means. If you instead wish to satisfy your own ego, then doing so will simply chase well-meaning people like us having questions and problems to solve off this website, leaving such to the oblivion of the self-important.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoMountain View Post
    Thank you. That information is definitive indeed. I appologize for missing it whin I first clicked. Come Monday, I suspect our CEO will be on the phone with Sprint's CEO. Come 2007, I suspect we will be totally converted from Sprint to Verizon. That's what misrepresentation will do to a company, especiall when it's own management has access to its own public domain sites as do we. Thanks again, and my sincere appologies for any offense.
    No offense taken, all is cool.

    As far as sprint, I'm not sure if it's misrepresentation, just plain ignorance or a combination of both on their part. They are certainly not all on the same page though about their facts.

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