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    I have a Sony Ericsson HCB-30 bluetooth car kit installed. My previous phone would connect, and stay connected to the HCB-30. My Verizon Treo 650 (software 1.04a) will connect when I start the car, but disconnect within 5 seconds. When a call comes it, it reconnects, then promptly disconnects once the call is ended. I'm assuming this is normal for the Treo. Am I assuming correctly?

    I'd like to upgrade to a Parrot CK3400 car kit. One of the things I like about this kit is that the Parrot's LCD screen displays the signal strength, etc. In order to do that it would obviously have to remain connected to the Treo. Will the Parrot kit remain connected at all times? Can the Treo be "forced" to remain connected to a bluetooth car kit? If so, how can I do this?

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    Anyone know?
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    Update: I installed the Treo 650 1.05a firmware upgrade. It now allows the HCB-30 to be paired as a car kit rather than a generic hands free device. The Treo now stays connected.
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    I have found with my Audi S4 2006 that as long as my screen stays on, my bluetooth connection stays connected. It usually stays on while my car is running. If I turn off my treo 700p then my bluetooth connections randomly turns on and off. I know it does this because each time it does so, it interrupts my stereo. Whenever I'm in my car, I hook the treo up to my car adapter the screen stays on and everything works fine.

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