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    I have a 64mb Sd card, which is where I have my music, Pics, programs, etc. And I just got a 2gb Card and need to transfer. I have moved everything into a file called ALL on my 64mb file, but cant seem to move it to the Phone, so I can then move to the new card. Is there a way of backing up in the Palm desktop. I am on an apple.

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    on my mac, I used to copy everything to a folder on my desktop, name the card (w/ 'card info' app) to the same as my previous card, then copy everything back to the new card. simply copy from old card to the desktop, then paste to the new card. you'll obviously need a card reader of some sort though. it seemed to always work without any problems.

    good luck

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    How do I see the card on my mac? I have the Treo via USB that came with it, and no card Reader.
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    there's a program for palm devices called card reader. or if you have a digital camera, you can connect it to the mac w/ usb. depending on which version of mac os, you might have to change a setting w/ 'capture' or 'iphoto' to have the card mount on the desktop. otherwise it'll open up iphoto automatically.


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