I just got my brand new Audi A4 Avant with Audi Navi Plus including Bluetooth. As my Treo 650 (including the latest Firmware Upgrade) is on Audi's listing of compatible phones, I was looking forward to a seamless linking of my phone to my Audi via Bluetooth.

I was able to link my phone and I am able to receive calls via the Audi system. I did also upload my favourites from my Treo as also mentioned on this forum. So far so good!
However, I am not able to place calls directly from my Audi (neither via entering the number manually nor using Audi's voice recognition). My Audi tries to dial the numbers entered, but hangs up with no connection to my Treo!

If I am dialing from my Treo with Bluetooth activated, it automatically transfers the call to my Audi system.
As it seems to me, the Audi system can not activate my Treo via Bluetooth to place some outgoing calls?

Any ideas to solve this matter would be very much appreciated, as I realy want to use the great voice dialing feature within my Audi to place calls with my Treo.