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    The last few days i have been playing around with the rom tool, all is the way i want it on my650 except for one thing : i had installed a custom splash scrn and it was working fine (i guess it is an overlay of the original yellow sprint scrn all was good. At some point? the phone reverted back to the old red splash scrn? This has baffled me and quite frankly is driving me nuts. The custom scrn does not work, i have checked and checked and i don't "think" i removed anything from rom that would cause this. The reason is when i do a hard reset the yellow scrn shows up but when i do a hot sync or restore the red scrn comes back Huh? So, being that it changes on restore or H\S it must be in ram?
    I look for the custom splash scrn with one of my file mgrs. and the custom does not appear anywhere Eeeeeeks! So next i downloaded the custom to my card and try and move it to ram , reads CUSTOM.PRC already exists in RAM, do you want to overwright? So if it is in ram why can't i find it, i have all hidden files checked in search hmmm??
    As far as the rom swap it turns out to be quite simple. It seems over whelming reading ALL the threads but it is not. Can't wait to get my 4mb card Grin

    P.s. I did re-install the original rom and that did not load the yellow scrn? Only hard reset does!!! Please help!! I don't want a phone w/custom rom that displays the old ugly sprint splash screen... Cry Thank you
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    Use FileZ to sort RAM (do not check ROM) by Creator ID. I believe that normally, the only two files you should see with ID's of HsPh are PhoneFavorites2DB and PhoneCallDB.
    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <a href="skype:wwgamble?call"><img src="" style="border: none;" width="150" height="60" alt="My Skype status" /></a>
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    thanks for the response, i am determined to figure this out, with help of course.
    So resco explorer only finds it by creator on the card, will Filez do better? i will try it. When i try moving it from the card in explorer it says db already exist or taken? So what does that indicate to you? thanks again. I will D/L filez and try that.
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    Thank you, filez is a keeper, much easier to figure out than explorer! ok here's what i found:
    phone favorites2
    wallpaper cache this is it
    phone spcs this is it
    wallpaper cache this is it
    phone_spcs_ms6 skin for phone buttons
    phone call db

    i have D/L it under two different names, i guess that is why the two cache's
    Now how do i activate this????? Thank you very much
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    So far i have deleted the app and both cache
    's, re-installed app and one cache no luck
    deleted first cache and put in the second no luck
    put in both cache still no luck
    When i first D/L app it just started working? what i can't understand is that a hard reset sets the other (yellow) splash screen and then it reverts back to the old scrn on a restore or hot sync? Could this be a setting or a preference saved in the back up? I did use the app sync all the other day when all this started happening, thanks for all suggestions

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