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    For the second time this week, I have noticed that the time on my Sprint Treo 700p has been wrong by being 30 minutes later than it should be.

    Just this morning, at approx 5:30am PST in San Francisco, the clock time on my phone read approx 6:05am PST. I knew this to be wrong. So I went to Preference, Date & Time, and the clock then immediately reset itself to the correct time. Very strange.

    The same problem occurred a couple days ago, whereby it was really 3:00pm PST, but the clock time on the phone read 3:30pm. I went to the Date & Time screen, and the clock then immediately reset to the correct time by itself.

    I'm now trying to resolve this problem by UNchecking the "Get date & time from mobile network". Will this work? Anyone else having this weird problem. It's really a problem because my Datebook 6 calendar alarms are ringing at the wrong times!

    Thanks, Casey
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    Mine has been doing that here in Chicago for the past week as well. Only I've been getting mine a hour later... I just shut off the network time option and I'll turn it back on in a few days to see if the problem cleared up.
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    My time was WAY off. It was like 8pm and it said 5 am and my alarm went off.
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    I have never experienced this...wierd
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