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    Now I know this may be trivial at best, but I just switched to the 650 not two weeks ago from my trusty 600, and I noticed a small difference in how the 650 handles the threaded sms that is really really annoying me. I thought I'd get over it eventually, but that's not happening yet. So, I'm posting this in the hopes that someone has noticed this and maybe there's a solution.

    In the 600, once the sms messages are grouped into a thread, the messages that you sent will get pulled off the "SENT" messages and integrated into the thread. This is a nice feature because your "SENT" folder doesn't get cluttered. In the 650, however, your sent messages are included in the thread AND are also in the "SENT" folder! This really annoys me. Aside from the fact that you can delete individual messages that you sent from the thread thru the "SENT" folder, there's no other obvious reason for this. And it really clutters my "SENT" folder. Does anyone know if there's a fix for this, or maybe a hack???

    I'm running an unlocked GSM 650:
    F/W 1.71
    S/W 1.20-LAP
    Hardware A
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    i noticed the same thing just today its funny that theres already a post about it but yeah if there was a fix for it that would be nice
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    There's a thread about this? I did a search and didn't find any. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread. So, I gather that there's no solution then? And no hope of Palm fixing it either coz they've already moved on to the 750v. Oh well. At least the 650 is living up to my expectations

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