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    I have coded a utility named 'SC Max' for Treo to quickly:

    1. Insert a ShortCut symbol into an editable field: Opt-Alt sequence.

    2. Call up the ShortCuts Panel: Opt-Menu.
    (Needs to install the 2 ShortCuts files as posted by CheckMate earlier
    in TreoCentral.)

    3. Call up MetaDA (a DA Launcher): Opt-Home.
    To display a list of all DAs on your Treo for click to launch.
    (Alexander Pruss's MetaDA, a freeware, needs to be in Ram.)

    The attached zip file also includes the 3 files mentioned above.
    Users who have installed the patched version of "HsExtention2.0_enUS.prc"
    must remove it for SC Max to work correctly.

    SC Max is tried on a Treo 650, but as usual, please backup first.

    Comments & bug report are welcomed.

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    Great stuff! And in only 4K of code. Very Treoesque.
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    This is exactly what I was looking for, a way to open DA's without the stylus, but it doesn't work on the 700p, any chance of making it work, please!
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    I really like this app; it enables you to use DA's on your Treo, and it is much easier than the alternative, which is to use TreoCommandBar, DA Launcher and CMDway. Thanks!!
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    Petitlaunch works well for launching DAs on a 650. Don't know if I works on a 700p.
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    Hi, I've got a Treo 680 (unlocked GSM) and SC Max doesn't launch MetaDA when option+home is pressed. On the 680, the home key is the 4th app hardkey -- could this be the cause of the problem?
    Treo 680 Graphite, Unlocked GSM (FW: MW01.50 | SW: TREO680-1.04-ROW | HW: A)
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    I used to use SC Max on my 650 but also couldn't get it to work right on my 680. I now launch MetaDA via Hi-Launcher.
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    The Shortcut piece seems to provide too many clicks to accomplish the shortcut. the two key punch is not that efficient. I prefer ShortCut5 which is free too. You setup the shortcuts and type a period and then the string, like .luc to type lunch.

    I couldn't get the MetaDa to do anything either on my 650 from Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickS View Post
    I used to use SC Max on my 650 but also couldn't get it to work right on my 680. I now launch MetaDA via Hi-Launcher.
    I love this program!
    Any chance you could get it to work on the T680?
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    MetaDA is to bring up other DA's you have in your device, It IS not to do anything and that is it's sole purpose.

    H ave many DA's in my Treo and I set MetaDA to a quick key with HiLauncher and then when I press that key I get the list of all DA I have, this is done by MetaDA
    Treo 680 Mobitel GSM Sri Lanka.
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    An excellent application, but opt+alt to insert a ShortCut symbol cannot work PalmOS Off & Lock window on treo 650, any suggestion?

    BTW, I really like the procedure hvch.



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