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    I bought my Treo 650 a week ago today. On the second day it started to freeze and reset. It's been doing this since then. I called Cingular, they did a hard reset. They said if it does this again within 24hrs to go ahead and get a new phone. Yesterday I got the new phone and it started to do it again. I read this website and it said to replace the SIM card for the exalto, so I did. I'm still having problems. Should I wipe out the software installation CD and reinstall it again? Should I get my 3rd phone? Any advise will help.

    Thank you
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    Have you put any third party applications on it? Ben
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    No, I haven't. Should I? Where do I get it? How easy is it to install?

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    reason hes asking if you installed any other apps, is because sometimes 3rd party apps are the reason for the treo freezing and locking up, since you said you havent installed anything then it might just be something with the treo itself.
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    Such a new phone, without any 3rd party applications, should work without any lockups. You need to resolve this first.

    Do you have the new SIM tray with the rib? If not, get the replacement tray from Palm. In the mean time, try shimming the sim with some folded paper.

    What firmware version do you have on this? Is it the latest?

    What's the signal strength in your area?

    Do you have Network Time enabled in the Prefs? If so, disable it.
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    I've had a razor before. When I sync the phone with outlook the razor phone software pops up as well, can that be the 3rd party software? I uninstalled it anyways, does it mean I should wipe out the palm software and start fresh? Can you direct me to the link where can I get this SIM tray. where on my cell can I find the latest Firmware? Where in the pref do I disable the network time? Signal strength is Great!!!

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    SIM tray info is at

    Network time is set under Prefs-Date and Time. Press the Home button repeatedly till you see All or System at the top right. You'll see Prefs icon.

    To see firmware version, at the Phone screen, press the Menu button follwed by the letter I
    i (for Information).

    I would advise a total clean start: uninstall and reinstall palm desktop. Do a hard reset of the Treo to restore it to factory state (you'll lose all personal info) by pressing ad holding the red Power button while pressing the reset hole.

    Use the treo this way for 1-2 days, before syncing. The phone should definitely behave in this state. After that, you can sync your Outlook data etc. and install any 3rd party software.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Thank you for all the info. Firmware is palm os Garnet v. 5.4.8
    Is this the latest?

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    Do the Menu-i with the actual Phone application (the green button) on the screen. The firmware and software versions are at the bottom of that screen.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    if symptom persist after doing hard reset & without hotsync...
    get another replacement...

    if symptom persist after hotsync...
    there is somthing in the computer that makes it go wacko...

    if you're doing hotsync with outlook...
    after hard reset, do a hotsync then create a new username...

    and if you are synching with palm destop, do the enema

    i hope that would help...
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