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    I updated unbranded custom rom update few months ago. I have Cingular phone which is unlocked and installed with unbranded rom using Tmobile service.

    Since I updated the unbranded RoM I Bluetooth volume is gone and it is very hard to hear the other side in little noise. I have volumecare with is not related with bluetooth.

    My question is DO I HAVE RIGHT ROM VERSION?

    Firmware 01.71
    Software Treo650-1.06/7020/0 rest I cannot read on this line
    Hardware A

    Appreciate your help. Thanks
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    The latest ROM version for unlock Treo 650 is 1.20-ENA/FW1.71. B/c you unbranded your Cingular 650, you can go to palm website to download and run the latest updater.exe

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