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    Anyone know? Sprint wants $39.99 for a freaking wall ac power charger?? Why is such a simple commodity device so expensive. Anyone buy the cheap power chargers that folks are selling on ebay? Does it work okay or can it fry your treo?
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    I used a cheapo ebay one with my 600, and had no problems whatsoever. Make sure you buy from someone with feedback rating near 100% and you should be fine. (Note. I don't consider 98% to be close to 100%. 98% means 2 out of every 100 orders is bad. For a vendor who sells thousands of items a week, those aren't very good odds.)
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    ebay chargers are fine in general. I've never had problems with them on my 650 or 700p. I've bought a few for Nokia's in the past that went bad quickly, but you get what you pay for. I would suggest buying more than one if they are cheap and give a discount on shipping. That way you have an extra if one goes bad.
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