I decided to be the guinea pig for our group and switch a couple of our Treo's over to the BB Connect data plan and try the software. Our mail server sits behind a VPN so having to use Mergic VPN with Chatter, although effective, is not a "push" solution.

I had two Treo 650 GSM's switched over (identical). One worked fine, the other one I am battling. I have checked the software and reinstalled it several times. Here is my issue:

The Treo will not connect to the BlackBerry server by itself (open the eMail program, Preferences, Blackbberry section, then Main) will not connect by itself. I see the black triangle on top of the signal bars, but it does not show the GPRS connection active (green arrows) and sits at "Conneting" in the mail program. If I jump out to the web browser and launch it, the web loads and the GPRS connects (I see the green arrows). I can then jump over the Email program and register and connect to the BB server, BUT no mail downloads.

It has to be a phone or software issue because if I take the SIM card from the Treo that is not working correctly and put it in the Treo that has been able to connect and send/receive email, I can still connect and receive mail. In turn the "working" Treo SIM causes the same result in the non-working Treo.

Any ideas?