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    I received my 700P yesterday and am ready to switch to it from my 650P. Just wanting to know if there are any traps out there that I need to look for when making the switch. I currently have the software loaded on my PC for the 650 so I assume step one will be to load the newer software on my PC for the 700P. It should retain all of my 650 settings and data (hopefully anyway). Then I assume step 2 would be to hot sync with the 700P to bring all of my 650 info onboard.
    I am a casual user of my Treo so pardon the ignorance.
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    sounds right to me..

    I'm getting ready to upgrade to the 700P...

    from what I understand and from upgrading from the 600 to 650, all I did is exactly what you did, install the software, sync the new one and all of the data should be in the new phone.
    I would first export all the important categories, just in case.. What I do is export the contacts, calendar, and tasks, all to .aba files... just in case you can re-import them back in
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    No, no, no. The best way is to make sure that your contact and calender information is moved onto your desktop from your 650. I would recommend doing a full uninstall of your prior Palm Desktop system THEN reinstalling the latest Palm Desktop program and going through to set up all your conduits the proper way with a clean install. You will then need to reinstall your Palm apps individually. Trying to take a shortcut and HOPING that your programs will install properly and your conduits will carry over correctly to the 700p is wishful thinking. Some programs will carry over fine BUT there will be others that muck up your new phone badly and THEN you will need to figure out which program, which conduit, etc. which will take MORE time than simply running a clean install.
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    In my personal experience, it's not absolutely necessary to uninstall the version that came with the Treo 650. I got my 700P a week ago and when I got home, did one last sync from my 650. Whatever I did not want from the 650, I removed from the backup folder (overlay patches and little hacks here and there from the early days of the 650). Installed the new version of Palm Desktop, synced the 700P, picked the same hotsync user profile, and done. So far so good, oddly enough and unlike most of you folks, I like Versamail and it works for me (auto-sync and all). All my mail accounts (3 pop3 and 1 IMAP) all synced over as well as their individual preferences. Verichat is not functioning properly, the always-on feature is not working and doesn't vibrate in silent mode (heard from others that it's commonly occuring with 700p's especially...).
    So, one week with the 700P, I like it. I can see where a firmware update would bring it up to the ''usability'' speed of the 650. Some actions take a second or two more to perform, but I can bear it.
    Kudos to Shadowmite for his overlays and so forth that make it more bearable to like this phone.
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    Well, from experience that has spanned six years with Palm and every Treo they had except for the very first one, you really are better off deleting the previous version of the desktop before installing the new one - do not install over an existing application. There are normally changes, sometimes not too obvious from one release to another. I have four Treo's, 600, 650, 700p and 700w and on the Palm OS releases I am using the latest desktop and each time I deleted the old before going with the new. When I initially went from the 600 to the 650 I did not delete the old and spent four stinking hours getting it going. When I gave up on just over writing and deleted, rebooted and reinstalled, it worked just fine and I have experienced no problems since then. Some are lucky and others are not.

    As for Versamail, it does have documented problems that will cause most heavy email users that mess with attachments problems.

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    I agree with the above.

    Uninstall 650 and install latest palm desktop that comes with the 700p. Re-install your apps. individually onto the 700p making sure you get the latest versions first via download.

    It takes a while but the added stability over the long haul is well worth it.
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    I guess you all are right but even when you un-install the palm software through control panel etc, it does not really remove the software.. all of the back up folders and what not containing your info is still in registry files and hidden places..

    Last time I uninstalled palm because I was having a problem, I removed it and did a hard reset, re-installed from the disk and when I did hot sync, all of my info came back...
    then I got on with tech support and he had me remove all kinds of files from the registry and then i did hard reset and re did the hot sync and none of my info was there.
    in the meantime, all i did was export contacts etc to a .aba file and re-importe them. I know it's not the right way to do it and I see that from the article above.
    I guess when I get the 700 I'll go ahead and try to do it the right way although I've never had a problem upgrading before and just installing over the old software.
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    In a privious thread I was unclear about my issue. Sorry. I try again as this site and you all have been very helpful to me and I want to be helpful to others.

    As you can see from above in this thread and from the several other threads on going from 650 or 600 to 700 there is some discussion on how to do the migration. The key messages seem to be keep it simple, sync only contacts, calendar, tasks and notes. When this works then add back programs one at a time.

    This is what I tried to do and get into a time consuming mess.

    In order not to bring over stuff from old treo, I renamed the back up folder. For my piece of mind I also backed up the back up folder and the handspring folder (default name if you started with a handspring device as I had done with 300 and 600.) Backfolder to a flash drive and the handspring folder to a CD.

    I did not delete the Handspring folder. Perhaps I should have.

    I started the install. It went fine and fairly quickly until I tried to sync. It would not sync. It just sat there.

    2 or so hours with a helpful technical person at Sprint did not solve the problem. Although I had used the USB port to sync the 600 the rep thought 700 phone may not be recognizing usb port. So we installed drivers for the usb port and whatever, I don't remember. Rep suggested I call back the next day.

    Next day get another helpful rep. We uninstall software and went through registry changes, etc as someone mentioned above that was more than going to add remove programs and deleting.

    Two hours of this and still no sync after an apparent successful install of palm software. I installed the soft ware on a new thinkpad that I have not migrated to yet and sure enough it would sync ok. So we determined not a bad cable and that it must be something on my current think pad. Perhaps some software added by my workplace.

    Went to work IT people who also could not solve the problem for an hour or so. Then the man working on it went to the start up menu and arbitarily removed PDANET600 from the start-up menu and presto--syncing started immediately and was fully successful. I now had all my contacts and calendar in my 700 and it worked and continues to work. May in all of the advice some one said something that I should have understood to remove PDAnet from my laptop before trying to sync.

    I think that if PDA net 600 had not been running in background, I would not have had any trouble. C'est la vie

    I hope this helps others.

    I like the phone--an improvement over 600 for sure just to have replaceable battery. My 600 had recently been dropping calls where it had not before. I assume receiver was dying. 700 does not drop these calls anymore.

    So now I can call, speed dial, check calendar and the internet but no e mail yet. I will try to add snapper mail as the first new program. If that works will have about 97% of the functionality of the 600 working on the 700.

    My fingers are crossed hoping snapper will work.

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