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    If you recently bought a Palm Treo, don't discard your box with the UPC nor destroy the sleeve that the install CD came in. Take the two numbers to Palm Pays Back and you will earn a $25 gift certificate.
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    I tried, but it said my UPC was invalid.

    The site says, "The Palm™ products that are eligible for registration in the Palm Pays Back program are the Zire™ 21, Zire™ 31, Zire™ 72, Tungsten™ E, Tungsten™ T2, Tungsten™ T3, or Tungsten™ C. The UPC codes belonging to other Palm product models will not be accepted as valid UPC Codes."
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    most of us did this already and got the $30 gift card, we all had problems with the UPC....but then it worked after a while, do a search theres a long thread about it.
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    I still haven't received my gift card. I redeemed it probably 1 month ago.
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    i got my gift card 3 days after redeeming it, i would contact them it shouldnt take so long.
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    I got like $112 or $118 (I forget) thru the Palm Pays Back promo for my old 650 & new 700p. There's another thread, somewhere, but that offer might have now expired.

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