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    Any one have any suggestions on what might be happening. I just recieved my new Sprint 700p and it randomly will shut off. No buttons will turn it back on. I have to take the battery out and put it back in before it will start again. I dont have to be running anything for this to happen. When I type in the code to see last crash it will give me a error from like 2 or 3 days ago so its useless.Any advice or help?????Thanks in advance. - Skulz8
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    Things to look at when it does not immediately turn on: there is normally one thing to look at when it does not immediately turn on and that is, "what applications do you have installed that operate in the background or work with alarms." The Palm OS is not a "multi-tasking" OS and if one application is playing ball in the background, nothing happens until the ball is hit/dropped or whatever. In other words, the task has to be completed.

    I have noted the problem on occasion on my device and when it happens, I give it a few seconds and on the next try it comes on. I have bunches of things that handle alarms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skulz8 View Post
    ...any suggestions... just recieved my new Sprint 700p and it randomly will shut off...
    Don't waste your time...just return it and get a new (not refurbished) unit. If they offer you a refurbished one, just say the magic words..."Let me speak to your supervisor".
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    I suspect what you are experiencing is a manifestation of application lag time more than random shutting down...
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    I don't think that's it, bclinger's explanation seems more feasible......imho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljj8503 View Post
    I don't think that's it, bclinger's explanation seems more feasible......imho.
    My explanation and bc's are basically the same...
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    This problem has always been there to a degree since the days of the 600. We expect more and frankly the system has to take the time to accomplish its various tasks. With the 600 I did not run nearly the number of applications that utilized "alarms;" on the 650 and 700p I have almost double the number of those applications. Why? I frankly wonder sometimes. I tend to look at utilities that are multi-functional, but that is not always possible.

    On the 600 I use a very simple third party launcher that makes NO demands on the OS. The 650 & 700p have ZLauncher. Butler is used on the 650/700p. VolumeCare on the 600, 650, 700p and the list grows. I use MobileClock on all three on the Palm OS Treos. I use Resco Backup on the 650 and 700p, and BackupMan on the 600. The 600 has CallFilter. Other than that, you can add bunches to the 650/700p. It just takes time and all of that means memory and system resources.

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    it is 99% likely this is a hardware problem that is likely to get worse.

    you got one answer that was correct above from someone who actually read your post.iyou idicated your 700 did this out of the box. you need to junl this and insist on a brand new sealed handset. one of ours did this out of the box and intermittently until it died utterly one a business trip and yoook sprint over two weeks to replace.

    you are in a key period ...act now and sprint has no choice but to replace your phone. bo risk no downside to you to get a new handset.

    alternately if you wait every day increases the resistance and difficulty in replacing the handse and also you may be stuck at a bad time without it.
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    Did you not notice that he stated he has problems turning it back on?

    Yes, I did read his message and did note immediately that it would shut off randomly. I had that problem initially with my Sprint Treo 650 - it was a software related problem. One specific application was updated and the problem no longer happened - it stayed on without timing out too early. The problem turning on is an attempt to help with the second half of his message.

    Take care.

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    I use a program called "Crash Pro" It logs what program caused the crash. After you get your machine up you can check the log. They have a free trial and I think it will give you one crash result before you have to pay for it. It is now upgraded for the 700p.

    Good Luck!!
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    the simple answer is to have them give you a new one. i just got a 700p from verizon and the first one was a lemon. 48 hours i had a new box and this one works. the first one the touch screen didn't work and the speaker was barely working.

    palm IIIxe, tungsten t, tx, and now...a treo 700P
    palm all the way.
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    I did a hardware scan using some dial codes i found in these forums and the hardware itself came back clean. So I guess I would assume the idea of some type of software causing it could be possible. Maybe who knows with this I will do a hard reset and use it a couple of days with no software added to it...but really all i have added to it was a checking prgm, a gas log prg, some trivia prgm from mobliplay, and a prgm called dir assistance ...
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    i use Directory Assistance throughout the week, twice today. The others I have not used. The Palm's operating system is not multi-tasking. It must finish a task before going to the next. Those tasks include operations you may not normally seen and that will affect on/off actions of the device. Random off though is not normal; difficult or an extended period of time to turn it on is not that uncommon, especially if you use an application that is background orientated and attempts to maintain contact with the data network or check the status of the unit or other applications. I have a number of utilities that do keep tab of various functions and I am sure that many here do also.

    Examples: VolumeCare, TakePhone, Callfilter, Callshield, MobileClock, there are bunches and bunches of these (of the above I have licenses for each and VC, TakePhone, and MobileClock are on the device) and they do take system resources, though on an individual basis not a lot; put together and the bill starts to add up.

    If it goes off randomly, a problem.


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