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    I use 'Memos' a lot. I mean, a lot. I sync it up on my Mac, make extensive use of categories, etc.

    But the app itself, sucks. especially the 32k or 64k limit per 'note'.

    Is there a newer or better replacement for the Memos app, that still uses the Memos database? I need to be able to sync them up with my Mac via the regular conduit.

    Plus, I like to be able to edit my Memos on my Mac. I use Missing Sync, so I use their excellent Memopad.

    So - any ideas for a more robust Memos app?


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    I use PsMemo
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    I use MacNoteTaker (MNT) in conjunction with TextMate.

    I believe MNT does NOT have a limitation on note sizes and notes sync to your mac as flat text files, so you can edit them in your favorite text editor (mine is TextMate). The only thing I don't like about MNT is that it does not have 5-way navigation support. It's open source, so maybe one day, a brave soul will update it to be more Treo friendly, but other than that, I've been quite pleased with it.

    The reason I switched to MNT is that I grew to HATE MissingSync's "memos" application. It's buggy, bogs down my mac whenever it's open, and I was CONSTANTLY get "corrupt db" errors. It's so-called "search" capabilities are less than adiquate, and it's NOT AppleScriptable!!!!

    MNT saved the day for me
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    I use Memoleaf

    Not freeware, but it sure works really well.
    - Jeeman
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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the great suggestions in answer to my original question.

    I tried all of the suggested apps, and have settled on MEMOLEAF as my new 'Memos' app.

    I use notes extensively, and Memoleaf's colour coding and very good easily accessible search features sold me. I'll be buying it at the end of the eval.

    Thanks again!


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