I'm using the Express Network on my 650 more than I ever have in the 2 years I've had it. Everything has been working pretty good until about 2 days ago. What's happening is that when I try to connect, either through Snapper or Express or Blazer, it says "Connecting" for about 2 minutes and then switches to "Canceling" and then the phone is frozen for about 30 seconds after that goes away. Doing a soft reset fixes it, but sometimes it works all day and sometimes it only works for a few minutes. The only change that I can think of is that pTunes prompted me to download a new version, so I did because it said it was free. Well, that turns out to be a big mistake because I was sick of the nag screen for the 15 day demo of the "premium" version so I told it to end it and now it won't play any of my MP3s anymore, very annoying.