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    I converted a nonbeliever. She bought a Sprint 700p today. The Sprint guy sold her a new phone line saying that otherwise data use (like email) would cause incoming calls to roll to voicemail.

    I'm a 650 GSM guy and haven't seen this problem even with Chatter. I know people complain about it on the CDMA side of the aisle.

    Is this really a problem? Does my friend have to carry her rhinestone-encrusted (really) Sprint phone AND the 700p? She is a realtor so phone access is critical.

    Or, as I suspect, did the Sprint guy make a little extra money today?
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    If she is on EVDO, the call will halt the data connection and the call will ring through like normal. If she is outside of EVDO coverage, it will route the call to voicemail during an active data transfer.
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    Thanks. Good answer. EVDO is the key.

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