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    hello i have a big problem and was wondering if anyone could possibly help me. i am an old treo 600 user and just switched over to a 650 as of today. its a cingular branded treo that i had brought to a cell phone repair shop and had it unlocked for $60.

    now when i place or receive a call everything works fine up until about 20 seconds or so into the phone call the screen will automatically shut off which is fine, but a few seconds after the screen goes off my microphone goes off too because the other party can no longer hear me and they tell me it suddenly goes completely silent. if i press a key on the phone to wake it up out of sleep mode or whatever it is called, the microphone starts working again and i can continue the convorsation.

    i would do a hard reset or upgrade the ROM but im not sure if that will screw up the fact that its unlocked. the guy who did it for me told me that he opened it up and reconfigured the diodes on some sort of machine.

    this is a major inconvienence to keep hitting buttons and i was hoping somebody here could give me some insight as to what the problem is. thanks.
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    can anyone point me in the right direction at least??

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