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    My phone keeps turning off. Has anyone ever have a problem with this issue? This phone is brand new, I just got it in today. I'm uploading some songs onto my SD card to play on real player and when I scroll all the way down my music list, it just turns off. My cell phone provider is Verizon Wireless.

    ::EDIT:: just going into my playlist on realplayer reboots the phone.
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    reformat it. Start all over freshly. Did you install any third party softwares at all?
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    I installed something that was offered on the Palm CD. That was about it. I updated to 1.04 and wiped out my sd card. I'm starting to reupload everything. Hopefully I won't have this problem again.
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    I found out it was the music. Something was wrong with one of the songs. The worse part is that I can't seem to delete just that single song. I have to reformat my whole sd card to get rid of the problem.

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