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    Anybody knows how to convert palm doc or .prc files to .txt file or word file. I used to write a lot on my prism. I have smartdoc, tealdoc amd takenote. But I want to edit those files on my PC.

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    There's, well, I forget what it's called. But there is one out there, I think. I'll rummage around see if I can find what it's called. Try searching/browsing from and for "Doc Edit" or something.

    Alternatively, WordSmith, and I think QuickOffice, can convert the things to Doc/RTF files on your desktop for you.
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    WordSmith ( Memo to Doc on PDAs.

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    I use a program called PalmDocs
    ( in conjunction with SmartDocs. This freeware will take any text and convert it to .pdb format and vice versa. It adds itself to your MS Word program up by the file bar.
    Try it; I think you'll like it.
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    The latest version of Documents to Go from allows editing of word and word perfect files after transfer to your handheld.
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    Thank you for your answers! Actually my problem is how to cooperate between my PC and palm. After I edit doc on my palm. How can I retrieve doc files from palm to PC. So I continue to edit it.

    I don't have quickword. Palmdocs is good to edit e-books. But it can't do what I need.

    I have smartdoc, tealdoc and isilo. Can you tell me how to retrieve those files to continue to edit in pc? Thanks!
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    As a previous person noted:
    WordSmith (

    You can edit the document in both Word on your PC and in WordSmith on your PDA. AND the revised document is automatically exchanged on your next sync. (It doesn't mater in which direction.)
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    Docs to Go does what you want, too. You edit on your Visor. SYNC. It replaces the document on your PC. You can edit on your pc. Sync. It replaces the document on your Visor.

    NB: Make sure not to alter the document on BOTH devices before sync'ing or you wind up with two versions, each slightly different.
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    I recommend WordSmith for this as well. Synchronization is smooth (very simple process that's not even really a process... you just push your HotSync button and whatever files you've selected to synch between the PC and the device will synch) and the editing features are great. Best of all, I think there is plenty of evidence that Blue Nomad is improving on this product consistently and has been great with support... so it's a worthwhile investment.

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