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    Okay guys, I'm not sure if this is a sign that my memory chip is going out (I have a 2GB pqi SD memory chip), that I have a crashed program that has screwed something up on it, or an application was interrupted causing my problems (I've been trying LinkStart recently - which copies files in an out of from the memory chip as need to maximize my internal memory), but here it is...

    On my memory chip, I was looking at it using Filez, browsing the cards files and directories. I was planning on using my Card Export tool to allow me to write to the SD card, so that I could but some files on my Treo 650. I go to the /Audio directory and for some reason, it has the same contents as the root directory. Okay...maybe it's a fluke...I go into the Audio also has the contents of the root directory. I try this several levels down, until I decide to give up or until my Treo resets. I would be in some subdirectory like /Audio/Audio/Audio/Audio... etc.

    Is there a tool for my Treo (or maybe from my Windows PC) that will allow me to correct this problem? I am fearful of deleting stuff flat out for fear I will loose a lot of stuff I already have on the card. I have tried to copy as much of the disk as I can locally to try and minimize my problems should the card go south. I am thinking I may need to reformat, but I wanted to know if there are any tools that might allow me to do a fsck or equivalent on my Treo memory card and resolve this problem.
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    audio/audio/audio/audio/ sub directory is very should just read card/audio and the mp3 files should be there... that is if you use real one built in...

    try deleting the other audio subfolders...
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    before you deleting them, make sure you check the memory card with card reader rather than using card export. My sister has that problem before and she has to format the whole card unfortunately.
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