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    I have been successfully using Versamail with both my Exchange server email and Comcast POP3 email. However, since about a month or so ago, I have been unable to delete messages on the Comcast server. After reading an email on my Treo that I want to delete from the Comcast server (and subsequently not download to my PC), I select delete and also click the box "Also delete message(s) on server." I click OK and my Treo seems to sync with the Comcast server. If I click Get to get any new messages, I will receive the messages I thought I had just deleted from the server.

    This worked flawlessly up until about 2 months ago; I can no longer delete messages on the server. My wife (who also has a Treo) now experiences the same problem, so I suspect something on the Comcast end. Calling their tech support has not revealed any answers.
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    Have had the same problem with my Sprint and POP servers.
    The answer is to DELETE your current accounts and totally re-setup new accounts on your phone using same parameters..

    One thing you will note when you Empty Deleted items on server is a very short "syncing w/server" progress bar. When fixed, you will see it working much longer.

    First off, write down all of your setup info before deleting and use it for the new accounts. I used the same names.

    Secondly, you will loose all the emails in your inbox, drafts, sent, etc.. on the phone.

    So check to see if there are any valuable ones and email to your server and retreive when you do a get on the new account after setup.

    Best of Luck, FastFrank

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