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    I'm about to buy SD cards and was just wondering, do I really need fast SD cards, I.E 150x in order to view movies from SD card? I mean does it actualy show any difference than cheap slower rated cards?

    Also I heard lots of these fast cards causes problems, while cheap, slow cards doesn't cause corruption problems and such. Is this true?

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    No, no, and a few more no's.

    Faster SD is faster reading and writing verses a 1x speed card. You most definately want it, no question. The price difference is nominal and the speed difference is very noticable. However, don't worry about getting the fastest SD card on the market, the Treo likely would be slower but it's still a great advantage to get an accelerated card.

    Get a brand card that's reliable (RiData are some of the cheapest on Newegg, and reliable) and you should have no problems.
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    Thanks khaytsus. I was suprised to hear that faster cards actualy makes difference. I though they are just marketing scheme!

    I have done some price search and here are what's available for me here in NZ.

    *Twinmos 2GB 133X SD Secure Digital Card Hynix IC
    *Transcend SECURE DIGITAL CARD 2GB 150X retail box
    *AUSPIS 2GB 150X Ultra Speed Secure Digital SD Card
    *Kingston 2GB SD Memory Card Kingston Secure Digital Cards
    *2GB Adata 150x Secure Digital SD

    Cheaper to more expensive order. Scan Disk brand was twice or more expensive than Twinmos mentioned above. No RiData here in NZ. There are bit of price difference. About +8USD on each step up. I read quite a few people here on this forum had problem with Kingston and Adata. Never heard of other brands above being mentioned.

    Among above choices, what would you think a good one? Twimos would be suffice? I couldn't find anything slower than 133X as far as "brand" SD Card goes. All the cheap ones didn't even mention any speed ratings.

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    A fast card is well worth the money. Audacity Audio has a section of their web site devoted to SD Card Education. They also have a free utility to test your card and it's speed. Also, an SD card is very dependant on the hardware it is installed into. Here is a link.
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    I use a run-of-the-mill SanDisk 2GB that states 60x on the card itself. It is plenty fast in my card reader and plenty fast in the Treo. zero problems watching movies with it. You do NOT need a 150x card.
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    The Treo is limited by the speed of it's USB interface (USB 1.1). Getting a superfast card won't help much.

    Removing some old background applications (search for HEDE) running on the Treo will help more. Most new software have been modified to behave well in the background.
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