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    ok. got it up and working and it's pretty darned good. but i have a few questions that i'm sure someone will know the answers to:

    1. has anyone successfully permanently affixed the earpiece to the headset? i like it with the earpiece but it keeps rotating off the piece when i take it off my ear and i have to futz around to put it back together...very frustrating. i think i have to buy a tiny little flip case to keep it in my purse when i'm not using it.

    2. is there some shortcut to getting the headset to pair with the 700p? e.g., my treo soft reset itself and i found myself, on the street, having to find the mainscreen, preferences, bluetooth, setup devices. it seems to want me to 'set up the device' every time i have to re-pair the headset with the treo. once my treo knows i have this jabra headset and i've entered the code, should i just be able to turn on bluetooth and then hit the 'pair' button on the headset and have them connect????

    3. is there a way to reprogram a softkey (like the option-p takes you to the brightness screen) to get into the bluetooth menu???

    4. the ear 'bud' thing is a bit big for my ear canal. does jabra make another smaller one that can replace this?

    i went to radio shack and tried on the moto h700 - to see if i want it for a 2nd device ...i like the idea that there isn't something sticking in my ear but it wasn't a charged unit and i wasn't able to try it out. is the sound as clear as this jx10 is? i'm sending back the plantronics 455 (is that the right #? the box is at home)...i just didn't like the look or the device.

    ok, that's it for now. THANKS...anyone for answering any and all of these questions.


    palm IIIxe, tungsten t, tx, and now...a treo 700P
    palm all the way.
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    how sad am i...i'm actually responding to my own post in hopes someone can help answer it. #'s 1 and 3 above are what are still giving me issues. can someone please answer and help me out?

    i'm loving my jx10...

    palm IIIxe, tungsten t, tx, and now...a treo 700P
    palm all the way.
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    # 1 i dont have a problem mine clicked in and only once came off so i cant help you on that # 3 i use 2 day as my date book great app and all i have to do is click on the bluetooth icon and it takes me there. Plenty of launchers will allow you to do what you are looking for you can use Zlauncher favorite screen as one.
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    1. Can't help much here, I use an eargel and not the ear loop.
    2. You can launch the Bluetooth prefs by tapping the Bluetooth icon on the phone screen, Or, another option is to setup the Bluetooth prefs as a favorite and attach a "Quick key" to it. I'm not sure why it keeps asking to re-pair. Once paired you should be able to just turn on the headset and the Treo will recognize it. There shouldn't be any reason to hit the pair button unless you've done a hard reset or removed the JX10 from the Bluetooth trusted devices.
    3. See #2
    4. If you're talking about the eargels you can find them online, at RadioShack, or at Best Buy. They come in packages with several diffent sizes for both the left and right ears.
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    palm IIIxe, tungsten t, tx, and now...a treo 700P
    palm all the way.

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