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    I have a user in Australia with a Treo 650, we're running latest Good Messaging across the board.

    He was having problems with his device resetting at random so as per Palm support they had him upgrade his firmware, hard reset, etc.

    He tried to reinstall Good with no success so I removed him from the Good server and had him do a soft reset and then added him back into our Good server with fresh PIN etc. He keeps getting a message that the PIN is invalid, we've now tried 3 PINS and I've confirmed he's using the correct one. Any ideas? This is all OTA btw.

    By the way, before he contacted me he called a Good support number but it didn't work. Him being in Australia I'm not sure he can even call support, I always tell our folks to contact me but I'm wondering, can users call directly to Good support?
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    Well, for some reason it worked on the 4th attempt. No idea why the previous 3 didn't so nevermind I guess.
    Firmware: 1.51
    Software: Treo650-1.17-CNG
    Hardware: A

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