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    Hi all:

    I'm extremely pleased with the performance of my THB Bury car kit for my old Treo 600. Now that I have upgraded to the 700p, I'm only interested in the cradle (marketed for the 650 but compatible with the 700p). However, I can't seem to find a dealer in the US that carries the part; the few ones (including Palm) that sell THB Bury only sell the entire kit. Can anyone offer recommendations? Thanks in advance.

    Palm IIIx -> m505 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 700p
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    The new kit has the controller box integrated into the cradle, it is not seperate as in the 600 car kit. Some patent issue.
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    Oh, well...

    Thanks for the info.


    Palm IIIx -> m505 -> Treo 600 -> Treo 700p

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