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    I've seen different posts discussing this, but I haven't found a solution yet (prob'ly due to my searching skills ). What can I use to sync my desktop Outlook email with my 650?

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    I'm looking for the same functionality.
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    Do you really want to sync mail from your desktop to your Treo, or do you want your Treo to see the same messages that your desktop sees? These are two very different things, with very different ramifications.

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    Okay, I'll bite. I'm not seeing the distinction. What is it?
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    The first is clumsy; it requires your desktop to be on and either have a redirector or conduit to do the sync'ing. The second (which is the IMAP model) doesn't require anything from the desktop; both the desktop and the Treo sync with the server, which maintains THE definitive list of messages.

    With ChatterEmail, you have the option of either keeping the Treo in sync with the server (most common) or not. If kept in sync, then deletions propagate in both directions, as well as things like the "read" flag, the idea being that no matter where you check your mail, you'll always be seeing the same thing. So there's no worry about WHERE a given message is, or about having to delete the same message multiple times (once on each device), or about whether a message has been read or not. So, for example, read or delete a message in Outlook on your PC, and within seconds, the Treo will note that the message has been read (or deleted).

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    I'm assuming that the only way to make that work is to get your own domain and a large storage space? The reason I want to sync with outlook is to always have all emails and email folders available. I'm a road runner customer. I couldn't do that using their pop servers.
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    No, you don't need your own domain; and you need some storage, but even AIM (AOL) gives you 2GB for free.

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    The Versamail version that comes with the 650 doesn't sync directly with Outlook or Outlook Express. The updated verion 3.5 that is available on the Palm site for $9.99 does. This is the same version that comes with the 700P.

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    I want the sync version; there is no "server" at home. (And I don't want to sync with my GMail server, I want to sync with Outlook Desktop only -- like I've been able to do with all my previous Palm OS handhelds )

    Any solution out there that's free?
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    IF you do not need to do it wirelessly you can use Endora Internet Suite. It provides a conduit to sync Outlook inbox when you hotsync.

    The product is no longer supported but works great on a 600 should work on any Palm OS device.
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    Aha! EIS seems to be the ticket. I like how you can deselect the Web components and just install the Mail components. Thanks october!

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