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    What backup program will save my "preferences" (i think thats why they are refered too) ... Like, my favorites buttons in my phone app, my shortcut buttons overall in palm OS, all the little crap you set after a hard reset.... I've tried bbVFS and Resco Backup, so far its not workin (or im doin it wrong)... Would appreciate any feedback
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    that should work with Resco, it's saved my **** a few times. look in the list of stuff for anything resembling preferences.
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    Resco replenished my preferences during my last crash/hard reset.
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    sonuva... guess i gotta try it again, thanks for the feedback guys
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    Checkout Nvbackup, it's free
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    I have been using PrefDoctor it backs up and replaces all preferences including registrations which are a pain to have to re-enter. Made by the same people who developed Butler.

    It also gets itself backed up when you use a backup to card program like backupbuddyVFS.
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    I don't know why Preference Doctor should be necessary, but there is an explanation around here somewhere. It seems several others have been helped by this program.
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    prefdoctor seems like a redundant app to have, I just have a backup set besides my normal one in rescobackup named "prefs", which includes unsaved and saved prefs, then if my prefs get messed up, I just restore from this and reset then I am fine. I usually update this set whenever I put a new app that I plan to keep on the phone, this works for me.
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    PrefDoctor does it before the Palm starts any other programs.. Otherwise you wind up with all your prefs missing, requiring you to likely do a warm reset, restore prefs, then reset again.

    Since I installed Prefs Doctor I haven't had a noticable prefs loss yet, however it says it's restored the prefs 28 times. That's the beauty of the program.
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    ill check out pref doctor... but so far, and update Resco is doing what the doctor ordered... thanks for all the feedback
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    I like prefdoctor a lot but I felt that it was one of those "hede" type applications that seem to slow the 700p down a lot so I removed it. Let me know if you have the same experience.
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    I have Preference Doctor installed because of the basic nature of the file system and its quirks. I have not sustained any resets due to it and other than an index problem I recently had, there have been no unplanned resets for over two months. Rescue Backup has been updated to work with the file system and does a good job, from flushing the db cache and locking applications in memory. I also use Butler 3.82 with no problems. So, until Palm takes care of the irregularities of the file system, I have no intention of getting rid of the above programs. Ben
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    I have Pref Dr and the Palm Internals speed test shows only 4 secs. So I don't think is causes any slows. I've got the latest Butler installed also.
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