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    I just got the Palm Treo 700P and I have been trying to download Goodlink and have had NOTHING BUT TROUBLE! It seems to be caught in a constant download loop asking me to sign in and download over and over. It then asks me to reboot. I have done this 3 times lately. I tried earlier and got out of the loop and not contacts will not work or goodlink. It is constantly stuck on Goodlink initializing screen.
    From there I asked for a replacement phone which was sent to me. Again same issue. Download happens over and over again and then when you get out of the loop, nothing works. I can get the Goodlink app to initialize but NOTHING else in regards to GoodLink works. No contacts (Blank white screen or GoodLink initializing... screen. I let it sit on that for 2 hours one time and still nothing). No compose, NOTHING!! Does GOODLINK work with the 700P??PLEASE HELP>
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    700p = more trobules when developer stops support for the app anymore.
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    The problem seems to be related to the provisioner pushing the 650 software as opposed to the 700p goodlink software.

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