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    I use a holux 236 bluetooth gps. I have just switced to mapopolis from TomTom 5. I got tired of the hassle with old maps on tt5 and am very pleased with the ease and use of mapopolis on my 700P. Sure, there are some features on TT that mapopolis doesn't have, but when you look at cost and ease of use, I think mapopolis wins overall. It would of been nice if TT came out with just their software, and not the bundled package, but I suspect folks will be wating until next summer for that to happen.
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    Heavy Doody,

    I would stay with the Garmin. I say this because the Garmin is quicker. I was in Portland heading to the airport to fly home and I had to stop and go off course to get gas in the rental car. After I filled up, TeleNav was having a hard time keeping up with where I was because it kept trying to correct the route and finally crashed. I have used the Garmin Quest in the past and it is MUCH quicker at getting the new route. You really have to keep an eye out because while it is correcting the route it sometimes misses the street you need to go to because you have passed it and the route is still being updated. I have learned to pull over and wait a few seconds for it to see where I am and then go from there.

    Don't get me wrong, TeleNav has always gotten me to the correct place I was heading. I do not like that you have to pay a service fee for TeleNav but if you are using their software, that is the price you pay.

    I hope this help!!
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    Wow. If it re-calculates slower than the Quest 2, no thanks! I don't know how the re-calc speed of the Quest 2 compares to other handheld devices. But after using a few in-car navigation systems (rental cars) the Quest 2 seems slow. Thanks for the heads-up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3523Treo View Post
    Do any of the Garmin products allow for hands-free use when running the application?
    If you mean voice commands (from you to the GPS), the GPS 10 with Que software doesn't do that, and from the preliminary Garmin Mobile XT manual posted on their website, it appears that XT won't either. If you mean voice directions (from the GPS to you), Que does that fine, though with commands like "in 400 feet, turn right" rather than "in 400 feet, turn right at Main Street" since Que doesn't do voice synthesis. Again, the same seems to apply to Mobile XT.

    In terms of calculation / re-calculation speed, Que on my 650 seems pretty good. Just for laughs I asked it to do a point-to-point routing from a specific address in LA to another in DC, and it took less than 25 seconds! I checked, and yes, it was a complete and valid route. (I overclock Que to 507 Mhz using PXA Clocker, which works fine; with overclocking turned off it took 40 seconds.)
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    25 seconds can be a long time, depending on the territory you're navigating. If you're driving across Wyoming on I-80 and miss an exit, 25 seconds is nothing. It will be at least 5 minutes before another one comes along anyway. If you're driving around in a big city, a 25 second delay could put you way off course.

    On my Quest 2, it seems like the less complicated the territory you're in, the quicker it recalculates.
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    That was for a cross country routing. Just to compare, I did a routing from my home to a location 3 miles away and it took 2 or 3 seconds (hard to time precisely when it's that short...)
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    I use telenav also. The price is 9.99 a month but the first six months were free and well worth it.
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    I've had to give up on connecting the GPS 10 to my 700p, it disconnects after 15 to 30 minutes. The same unit connects via bluetooth to a T3 withouth a glitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoG View Post
    I've had to give up on connecting the GPS 10 to my 700p, it disconnects after 15 to 30 minutes. The same unit connects via bluetooth to a T3 withouth a glitch.
    Too bad. The GPS 10 works fine on the 650, at least for me. I do get a "Beep...Lost Satellite Reception" every once in a while, but it automatically reconnects right away.
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    Hmm. I've read most of the posts on TC re: Garmin, and that does not seem to be a common complaint. I wonder if you have a software conflict, or a defective unit.
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    Good point. I wonder if RicardoG has some program that either turns off Bluetooth, or tries to use it every 15 - 30 minutes. Or maybe another BT peripheral like a headset that's not playing nicely?
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