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    A couple of newbie questions:

    1.) It seems notifications are message-based rather than account based. My accounts don't support IMAP IDLE so they have to be polled. But if it gets five emails, it seems like I get 5 notifications. I'd rather just get one notification that there is new mail in the account. Is there a way to do this?

    2.) It seems like there might be a bug with roaming in 2.06rc1. I'm trying this on a Verizon Treo 700p and if I check don't retrieve while roaming, it thinks I'm always roaming even though I never am. The only thing I can seem to get to work is to uncheck the disable roaming checkbox.
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    #1: That shouldn't happen. There should only be one notification per account during a sync (unless, perhaps, the clock is wrong).

    #2: This is a Verizon bug; uncheck the box.


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