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    anybody, anybody?

    These would be really small files with nothing fancy in them except for text.
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    I use QuickSheet and I love it. I've also heard good things about TinySheet. You should be able to download a demo of both of them from PalmGear or Handango.
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    Documents to Go is the best that I've seen -- have have used it for a year. they just came out with a new version last week which allows for really good keyboard usage. Docs to go will allow you to view Excel, Word and PDF files. It will also allow you to edit and create new Excel and Word docs.
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    I have been using tiny sheets, because there is an easy interface the Alltime, my time card program, and tiny sheets has a visor<>desk top manager which sync's between the to. Give it a test drive.
    Jim Klapste

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