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    Everytime I use the web recently, my phone resets. It takes a long time to load the Web program and then allows me to surf for a bit. As soon as I leave the web program, the phone will reset within the next minute or so whether i'm doing anything or not.

    After the reset, the web program loads faster and doesn't seem to cause a reset for a while. Then, eventually, I will use it and the original symptoms show up again.

    Any thoughts? I've tried clearing cache, not clearing cache, restore from backup after a hard reset, all to no avail.
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    I have noticed recently my 700 crash due to blazer. This has happened twice recently. Both times I was on an HTTPS site...
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    Seems to be site inspecific for me...
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    I've had the same problem also, at least for the last month. It takes forever to load, doesn't even try to connect until after the long load, sometimes it just resets, it did that twice within 10 minutes yesterday, I just gave up. the person sitting next to me was using the 700w, no problem, this is making me want to switch as soon as wm6 and higher res screen are available and I really don't care aboutthe manufacturer of the phone, as long as it works.

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