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    sounds like a lot, no? even after deleting all my msgs and emptying the trash, it's still taking up this much memory. anyone have some advice for freeing up space with this app? thanks...
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    You just gotta get yourself a file management program (bought or free, makes no difference) like Filez if you want free and delete the big Versamail file. That will take care of the immediate problem. Then after a while, repeat that action. If you get tired of taking that action, then try another email program. I use ChatterEmail and it works very well. Saves email received immediately to the card and is well supported by the developer.
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    Ben are you referring to the file "Miltimail Attachments"? It's around 15 MB......but before I delete it, i just want to be sure that I'm not hosing myself. ALso,....what exactly IS it? Just a culmination of the attachments you've downloaded? Seems weird. Thanks for the advice, though.

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    My experience with Versamail is because my wife insisted upon using it before I could get her to try ChatterEmail. I believe it is the main data file but frankly I have no idea. What you need to do: backup your device, preferably with a device based backup utility (three good ones out there), then delete the file in question, do a soft reset and go from there. The situation you have described is a typical Versamail problem that does repeat itself. Ben
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    yes, before I moved to the wonderful town of "Snapperville" on my 650 these would happen a lot. the file management sucks with versa-worst-than-a-snail-mail because the "multimail attachments" file cannot differenciate when you delete a large attachment, so over time attachments deleted still have a virtual footprint on memory. Beware though!! Only delete this file if you don't need any attachments in your emails, then if versamail starts to act funny then you might want to delete all the emails that were supposed to have attachment, if I didn't do this on my 650 it would cause a world of problems in versamail.
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