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    I rode Amtrak from Philly to NYC yesterday and had a steady data signal for the entire ride save the tunnel and a 30 second stretch in Newark. The kid next to me watched me IM and surf with envy. Wondering if people know how the signal is along teh rest of the Amtrak NE corridor.
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    I can vouch for NW Westchester county - we just got EVDO service this weekend with a 5 bar signal in many places. I have been waiting patiently since May to use EVDO on the 700p and I have to say that it rocks.
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    I'm in the Bay Area, and Sprint service was crappy with my Treo 600. Switched to the 700p, and all of a sudden I get great reception in all the places my calls used to drop. Palm must have significantly improved the phone part of the Treo since the 600.
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    I drive up and down the Eye 5 corridor from Orland, CA. to Bellingham, WA. and in most of that area I get hammered with fair to great EVDO recption with the 700p and Sprint....better than the phones recption in a lot of cases. Love it.

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