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    Alrite So I made a few ringtones and transfered them to my phone and everythin g works out amazing but one thing is there WAY to low you can hardly hear them when ringing.

    Ive tried the volumecare software but my trial ran out and im a cheap basta*d
    and dont have any money to buy it.

    Any suggestions on how to make them louder when im uploading them or before

    BTW the 2 programs I use to make the ringtones short and converted are: PureVoice Converter and Wavepad..

    Thank you!
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    In wavepad: Effects > Amplify.
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    Put a half second of silence on both ends of the file so that your speaker doesn't crackle when it plays. Also, when you amplify the sound, you might wind up with some crackle during play. The speaker doesn't handle certain loud tones very well.

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