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    I've had several cases for my Treo 650, but the Magnum case from Innopocket has been my favorite.....with one caveat:

    The clip is terrible. I've gone through five clips and they rarely last for more than a couple of months. The case will hang on something getting in and out of the car or in and out of a chair at work and come apart at the seams.

    I'd love to find a better clip. Even one that would just release when torque’d too much. I'd rather just have a more robust clip, but it'd be nice to find a clip that would just let go instead of shattering and then letting go
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    Does anyone know of a clip that will work with the Magnum case besides the one that ships with it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cz6y48 View Post
    Does anyone know of a clip that will work with the Magnum case besides the one that ships with it?
    I'm with you 100%. Loved the case, but anything that requires an external plastic slip on clip is just never a long term solution. Unless the clip is integrated into the case itself, they will all eventually break. I've tried a LARGE variety of clips, and none of them have enough strength to make them working solutions.

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    This is really stupid. I buy a strong case like the Magnum case to protect my Treo and then what? The clip breaks after a side impact, the Treo goes on the floor, the case opens by the floor impact and the Treo ends up on the floor with no protection. WTF??? That was not the reason why I got this case. I guess this will be the last time buying a magnum case.

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    This is actually my second Magnum case. I love the integrated SD storage and I really like the protection from bumps and bangs the case seems to afford.

    I just wish I could hang it on my belt...
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    I've lost the door off my second Magnum now. I've been reduced to using it as an "open front case" until I can figure out what case I want next.

    Frankly though, I'll probably buy another Magnum. I love the look, and the SD card slots. I'm not averse to a leather case but I really need the card storage.

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