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    Has anyone tried using nvbackup restore from their 650 to a new 700p. If all the programs were compatable do you think it would work? Or should I re- install everything.
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    I"ve been using NVBackup since July till now. I have nothing to complain. It works and saves me quite a few time since I have the back up.
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    investigate more before you do this - I don't think it was designed for this type of restore...
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    Nooooooooo - don't do it! Never, never do a reinstall from one distinct Palm device to another. Bad. Very bad. You will absolutely want to reinstall you apps and resyc things like your contacts, etc. You need to set up your conduits the right way, lest you risk horrendous headaches and the need for a hard reset AFTER you've wasted time trying to figure out WHAT exactly is screwing up your Treo.
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    NVbackup restores may be even worse; these backup/restore processes may be compromised just by trying to restore to the same device but with different firmware.
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    By the way, I've successfully "installed" individual prc files to other devices by "restoring" using conventional backup programs.
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    To answer your question from one who has done it in a similar manner - yes, you can restore from the 650 to the 700p. Is it wise? Only if you know what you are doing. Will it work? Yes, only if you know what you are doing. How many times have I done it? With every Treo I have had, 300, 600, 650, 700p (I have four treo's, the 300, 600, 650, 700p and 700w). Would I recomment an inexperienced user doing it? No.

    If you do decide to do so, do a selective restore - do not restore the save/unsaved preferences. As a note, this would be a good time to install an installation manager utility such as Uninstall Manager. If you do decide to use Uninstall Manager, you cannot do a mass restore as you are wanting to do and expect UM to do its thing properly.

    When I purchased the 700p, I did a total restore using the 650 and experienced about 6 hours of work to get it running properly. So, my advise is not to do it.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will start fresh with my 700p.

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