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    I have one email account that has all my work email (it's actually work email pushed to an aol account and i'm using chatter to get my email.

    1. main account: when i'm out and about i'd like it to retrieve every 15 min. i know how to set that. but when i'm at my desk...often for a few hours at a time, there is absolutely no need to get email on my treo (and i'll save battery if i don't during that time). what's an easy way to go back and forth between these two methods? (in other words, turn off the auto-retrieve.)

    2. i want to put 3 other aol accounts on my treo. but i don't want any of them to automatically retrieve. i want to decide when to get the messages..mostly they will be for checking dif. family members' emails by request when we are on the road. how to do this?

    3. the icons on the right side... folded envelope means not read? opened env. means read. is there something that indicates that it has been chosen to be deleted?

    4. i often want to delete an email off my palm but want it to remain in my in box on aol for dealing with when i get back to my computer. i'm confused between the 'delete on palm only.' ...since i'm keeping them in sync this doesn't seem an option. just the delete selected is there. and i'm confused about what a flag actually is?

    whew. i've gone into every menu and really played with it. sorry if these are silly questions.

    my only worry is that this morning i turned it on...and it went to sleep while i was making bfast...when i came back, the treo wouldn't turn back on via any buttons and i had to pull the battery out and get it to reboot. is that the mail program? has anyone had that happen before?

    thanks thank and thanks.
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    Hi, bean.

    1. If you use "Work Offline" (in the Pref menu), then it won't sync until you use "Work Online".

    2. Just use "Edit Mailbox" -> "Deliver" and check "Offline" (and don't check "QSync"); then the box is set up to be manually retrieved.

    3. If a message is set for deletion, it will be greyed out.

    4. Deleting just on the Treo is incompatible with the idea of sync'ing mailboxes; the only way to delete only on the Treo is to UNcheck "Sync Messages" in "Edit Mailbox" -> "Deliver"... But then, the boxes won't stay in sync. Why not leave it on your Treo?

    I'm not sure about the freeze; I'm not aware of problems like that unless perhaps the battery ran out.

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    ok....i'm getting the hang of it. now i'm trying out unsynched messages because i keep my treo mostly with biz messages but personal messages i wait till i get home to i want to delete them from the treo and keep them in my New box on aol. i'll see if that works better.

    ?: what is the dif. between junk and expunge??? i tried to figure it out and i am unsure if they apply to what you can do with an aol account.

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