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    Anyone else running TechSounds5 on their 700p? I am constantly hearing sounds from it while the screen is off.

    The specific sounds I am constantly hearing is the power up sound, the application load sound, and the power down sound (but the screen doesn't turn on when I hear them). I am guessing it may have something to do with VersaMail due to the times I am hearing it.

    I know this isn't working as intended. Anyone else have this problem, or is anyone running it successfully?
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    i have and i have no problems with it
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    i am running techsounds5 and having same trbles and it is also causing resets, i am trying to see from site if it is compatible with the treo 700p

    TechSounds 5 requires one of the following Palm OS devices:

    Tungsten T
    Tungsten T2
    Tungsten T3
    Tungsten T5
    Tungsten C
    Tungsten E
    Tungsten E2
    Palm T|X
    Zire 21
    Zire 31
    Zire 71
    Zire 72
    Treo 600
    Treo 650
    Clie UX-40
    Clie UX-50
    Clie TH55
    Clie TJ35
    Clie TJ37
    Tapwave Zodiac
    Garmin iQue

    *** i do not see Treo 700p... ***
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