I own and use an old 5 ˝ year-old Handspring Visor Platinum PDA, and it has served me well. But I have finally decided it is time to upgrade it (and my cell phone) and buy a Treo 700p. Before doing my first Treo HotSync I want to fix a problem that I have always had:

I sync the Visor to Outlook 2002 on my computer. In the address book on the Visor I sometimes use the fields labeled Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3 and Custom 4, but have not customized them by assigning those fields any names. I use those fields to list info such as birthdays, children’s names, account numbers, spouse’s names, etc. But when I sync the Visor with Outlook, none of the information in those “Custom” fields is transferred to the Outlook address book. This hasn’t been a big problem until now because I could always find the info in the Visor. But now I want to get all of that info into Outlook before I do my first Treo hot sync so that the info will appear in my Treo address book. What can I do to get that info into the Outlook address book entries?

Also, any suggestions on things to watch for while doing the initial setup of the Treo would be appreciated.

…….. Sandy