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    Hey fellow Treo techs,

    I wanted to get feedback from folks if they have found websites with video content that will stream on a Treoo 700p with blazer (or any other browser). I have searched most of the discussion boards here (though most are a few months old) and haven't found much.

    I realize there are the "paid" sites (SprintTV and MobiTV), but are there other sites a la "YouTube" and "Goolgle Video" (they use Flash Players I believe, which don't work on Treo at the moment) that have content that is accessible on the Treo? I know there are subscription sites, go ahead list those too, but like internet radio and YouTube, I was wondering what else was out there.

    Perhaps list websites for:

    News (local and world)
    Music videos (Indie and Major Label)
    Movies (full "legal ones", and trailers)
    Informational sites (language, cooking, health etc..)

    I'll start....I know about:


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    Although the thread is old, the streaming audio thread has the most links to sites for the 700p. Iy's old because there aren't any new additions to the list.
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