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    I downloaded the latest version of Chatter Beta to take advantage of the "Performance Preferences". I set the following options:

    - Latency -> More*
    - Updates to Server -> Delayed*

    The note at the bottom of this preferences page states: *indicates lower power consumption.

    My 700p has been connected to Sprint via EVDO for 6 hours now. Chatter has been on this entire time connected to my Exchange server via IMAP. My 2400 battery is currently at 91%, which is a big increase in battery life.

    What am I giving up by using these settings?
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    Really nothing much. New mail may be delayed a few seconds, and changes made on the Treo (deletions, marking messages read, etc.) will take longer to make their way back to the server.

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    I will gladly trade a small delay for this increase in battery life. Thanks for your continued efforts on Chatter.
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 700wx -> Mogul -> Touch Pro
    You may like to flash, but your phone shouldn't. LED Killer
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    Could you go into a little more detail? I'm using the stable version, and read the release notes.

    * Added "Performance" preferences, and moved and renamed various preferences related to performance; the help screens have been updated to reflect the changes.
    * Added a "Latency" setting in Performance options, which I think will be a significant battery saver with little downside. Check out the help screen for details.
    Are these changes targeted towards certain users (CDMA, GSM, etc), certain data networks (EDGE, EVDO, 1xRTT) or should everyone see improvements? How does this fit in with the efficient sync option?
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    It would help on all phones, but CDMA phones need the help more. "Delayed updates..." is "Efficient Sync".

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    Update: I ran chatter for 24 hours with the options mentioned in my first post and still have 73% battery left on my 2400mAH battery. That is outstanding battery savings with these settings in my case.
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 700wx -> Mogul -> Touch Pro
    You may like to flash, but your phone shouldn't. LED Killer
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    How stable is the current beta? I've been trying to stick with the stable releases but this feature has me interested.

    Or rather, when should this show up in the stable version?
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    Soon; maybe a few days.

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    I download every couple of days and frankly the betas are about as trouble free as trouble free can be.

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    Yeah, I know. Marc's betas are better than most other software's stable, and issues are very quickly resolved. But I can wait a few days. Thanks Marc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    I will gladly trade a small delay for this increase in battery life. Thanks for your continued efforts on Chatter.
    Yes indeed. I look forward to taking advantage of this new feature as well!
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    This improvement is HUGE. I've struggled with battery life since making the switch on my Sprint 650 from Snapper to Chatter. I always carried a second charged battery and kept my phone plugged in when at my desk or otherwise I was down below 10 percent by the end of my work day. Since updating to the new beta three days ago, I have not been below 50 percent. Thanks, Mark. You've made the downside of Chatter go away for me at least.
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    Thanks for all the great comments!

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    Ya know Marc, I'd be fan of making these options the defaults -- people always compare bberry battery life with the treo as one of their complaints. I've selected these options (all the * ones) and have changed everyone's Chatter preferences around me (friends and family) b/c I've had such a great experience.
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    I've made "Latency ... more" the default for new users. I don't think "Updates to Server ... delayed" is a good default, though.

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    today is my first full day with the new (2.1.1+) chatter version and I am VERY pleased with the power savings. I have all the * options selected and I am a full 10% higher(92% charge vs. 82%) on the battery meter than I was with the previous version, 2.0.2 I think (I kept logs of my battery usage so I know this is accurate). Oh and this 10% is after only 2 hours unplugged so by the end of the day I'm guessing I'll see somewhere between 30-50% higher, maybe more. I used to end the day with around 15% battery charge... hopefully today I'll be up around 50%.

    Definately a great update to the app!!!
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    You know what would be cool?? To have an option to switch to all the least battery conserving options when I plug the treo into power.

    I have been trying out these lower power consuming options and they do save a ton of power. But every now and then I am reading email right as a walk into the office. I plug the treo in on my desk and go to my desktop mail reader, and I am surprised that some messages I already read are still marked unread. The surprise doesn't last long. But I did get used to Chatter sync-ing so quickly. The only time I notice the longer latencies is right when I switch from the Treo to the desktop and the only clue I could think of that Chatter could possibly use to detect that is when I plug in to wall power.

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    carrel - agreed...or at least a single command that would take Chatter into or out of power save mode - this stuff is really cool.
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    Wow what a difference... now my Treo lasts all day! Before it would go about 12 hours with it hitting red... now 18 hours later... I'm at 44%. Scary how much a battery hog the old version was..

    Thanks for the great update!

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