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    I have Java installed on my 700p. Installed the VMmidP20 file. I am using it for a couple of Java apps, and also for Opera Mini (seems to be working fine).

    My question is as a part of the palm down load they include jsr 172 and jsr 75 folders. What are these additional files for, and if I am not a developer, are they required. What are the Pim Prefs.prc and file connect.prc for in the jsr 75 folder. Also what are the webservices.prc, and the ws-security.prc for in the jsr 172.

    Does any one know if they add any additional functionality to the Java as an example when using the opera mini?

    I have the memory, and if they add more web services functionality I will install them.
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    Current versions of Opera do not take advantage of the fileconnect and PIM libraries, though I hope they change that in the future.

    Kmaps makes use of both of the ones I mentioned above, and tv2nite uses the PIM libraries, so, you basically install them based on whether your apps will need them or not.
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    why do my java files get erased When I do a hard reset followed by a hot-sync? Also could someone please post the prc file to this thread so that I could download directly to my phone?
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    The reason why is your backup program does not either back up Java files or does not restore them. May I suggest a device based backup program such as Resco Backup - it does copy and properly restore Java files.

    The files needed for Java are:
    JavaVMCheck_enUS.prc or the equiv language file
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    Thanks for the responses. I had the mem available so I installed the addtional files.
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    The other files you are interested in are application specific and created by the application running in the Java environment. Ben

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