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    I've been looking at buying a Bluetooth gps locator for my 650.
    Today I found out that my treo has gpsOne support.
    I was wondering if there is any gps navigation software out there that can use gpsOne rather than an external GPS locator.

    Some info on gpsOne:
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    Honestly, I think you'll get the best results just buying a GPS antenna dock or bluetooth version. The benefits are no monthly fee and no need for cell phone signal. If you do cross country driving it's nice to know you'll still get directions even without service.

    I've been really happy with my seidio GPS cradle (happy in terms of it working, but the quality of workmanship was pretty lousy) in conjunction with tomtom navigator 5. The maps are getting a bit old now but it's still pretty awesome. Made my last motor vacation around california a wonderful experience.

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