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    I have:
    Motorola HT820
    PocketTunes 3.1.6
    Treo 650.

    When I am using the bluetooth headphones and a call comes in I can answer it perfectly. However when the call ends it appears that the phone makes an attempt to get back to my music but then freezes! I am forced to reset it every time. Any ideas?

    Also, when listening to music with the Motorola HT820 All of the music functions with in the headphones work with the exception of the song advance button. Do I have a faulty headset or is there some other inherent problem with this being used with PTunes?

    Please Help

    I am very frustrated with this,,,,,, I feel like I am sooo close!
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    I have just learned from another forum that the problem with the phone freezing after taking a call through the bluetooth headset while listening to music is definitly an SAG problem.

    There is a short term fix that I personally have not been able to verify, as I just learned of it.

    If you Disable the bluetooth name cache the phone will apparently end the call perfectly and return you to the main screen. You then have to restart your Mp3 player to resume listening to music.

    Although the ideal thing would be for it to return to your mp3 player so you can resume music with out picking up your treo, it is better than doing a soft reset and waiting all that time to reset, turn on the phone, set the SAG, and then return to listening to mp3's.

    If anyone has found a way for it to segway back to the mp3 player after a phone call please let me know.


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